Does Beer Really Make Your Boobies Grow?

Is it true that your boobs will grow bigger if you drink beer on a regular basis? I hope so because I love beer and I have been drinking quite a fairly amount lately. Sometimes I cant help but envy those pub girls who seem to have the perfect beautiful body. Having inherited a boyish-slim figure, I have tried everything from the conventional approach to prescriptive drugs to make my boobs grow bigger.


Boobs...I Like Them On Women
Boobs...I Like Them On Women

You might ask, why is it so important to have a bigger breast? We all know girls with bigger boobies are more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Subconciously every girl wants to be desirable & to feel wanted. But on a more profound level, big boobs give us the confidence of being a woman - because women are instinctively the nurturer, and the mammalia glands are in one way females' mean of fulfilling their role as bearer and nourisher of children. 

Girls + Beer + Titties = Fun
Girls + Beer + Titties = Fun

Now, I have been reading several articles and discussion and it came to my attention that drinking beer regularly actually DO help to promote the growth of breast tissue. That is right! Beer can make your boobs grow bigger!

Big Boobies
Big Boobies

This is because beer contains high amount of phytoestrogens (a foreign substance functioning as a female sex hormone) and it acts like estrogen agonist that may or may not cause your body to produce more estrogen. This happens across genders and guys who are heavy drinkers therefore run a higher tendency of developing "Man-boobs".


Gotta Love Beer
Gotta Love Beer

Forget the stereotyped notion that beer drinking is a male phenomenon. More women worldwide are drinking beer, particularly light ales, than ever before. Try Hoegarden if you have not. This belgian beer is ony of my personal favorite, as it is refreshing and easy to drink. It is one of my personal favorite beers. It is slightly more expensive than the other beer brands, and you can get it for like RM 11 per bottle at retail price.

Hoegarden - My Personal Favorite
Hoegarden - My Personal Favorite

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  • #1

    anonymus (Thursday, 28 April 2011 07:17)

    bigger boobs sure attract guys.but hey, u slim ladies out there sure have ur own group of admirer.believe me

  • #2

    fredtcm2 (Saturday, 09 July 2011 10:51)

    Well, bigger boobs does make a big difference. :-)

  • #3

    IanL (Sunday, 10 July 2011 14:18)

    ergh, hoegarden lacks the character and body to be good beer.

  • #4

    Thristhan - Travel, Food & Events (Sunday, 17 July 2011 22:47)

    I love Hoegarden too :)

  • #5

    Lindy (Monday, 18 July 2011)

    Bigger boobs not really good, hurts when running. LOL!!! Just have to be so-so size. haha! :)

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